A Brief Apology…

Happy Monday everyone! So dramatic and terrible news…I am afraid that for the first Monday in over a year and a half of Born without marbles, there is no blog today…PLEASE CONTROL YOUR SOBBING AND DEVASTATING SADNESS! The blog post is actually written and the picture is fabulously coloured in…the problem is that on Friday night I was taken in an ambulance to hospital where I have been ever since and I do not have my laptop…hopefully however, I will be discharged sometime later this week at which point I will go home and run straight to my laptop so that I can upload and quench your weekly thirst for my nonsense and ramblings. I really am very sorry to let you all down so please do not hate me! Hate my body for not working properly if anything! Anyway I really hope you are all ok and know I am thinking of all of you. Take care everyone x


19 thoughts on “A Brief Apology…

  1. You are letting nobody down! Your blog is an account of an illness, and sometimes not being able to write is part of that illness. Likewise, feeling bad about said lack-of-time is also part of that illness! It is not something you can control, and not something you need to worry about as you recuperate. Sending a big hug and lots of love xx

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  2. Sorry Katie 😦 Don’t worry about the blog, just worry about you for now. All thinking of ya and sending good good thoughts even if they don’t help very much from this far away. Xxx

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  3. Oh nooooooooes! A speedy recovery to you! I checked your blog this morning and nothing new. Then just saw your Instagram post! Aww, you poor thing. I’m sorry! I know you want us to be mad at your body but I can’t! But I will tell it I hope it gets better soon! Hugs to you. You’re a KWANE. Hospitals are boring and sucky! Also soooooo loud. Like, who actually gets rest in a hospital? They should hand out ear plugs! The few times I’ve been in the hospital (always after a surgery) I’ve gotten SO grouchy because I cannot sleep because LOUDDDDDDDDDDD! One time I had my jaw wired shut but still managed to whine enough to make them give me a private room. Not sure how I managed that. I was on quite a lot of morphine at the time but apparently I made a good case even though I couldn’t speak! 😉

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