This Blog Post Has No Title

Hello friends.

So, first things first, I really want to apologise for the fact that there was no blog whatsoever last week as I know that worried some people considering it is the first time that has ever happened. To all those who sent messages I am truly grateful for your words of support and I promise that I will reply to all messages and comments eventually. Unfortunately, I am really not very well at the moment but all being well a full blog explaining the events of the past week will be uploaded next week. I am sorry again for the fact that this isn’t really a proper blog either, but as I said I am really quite unwell at the moment and just picking up a computer and typing a few words is really difficult for me. Still I wanted to leave this message just to let everyone know that I am at least alive. I am also sorry for the lack of picture with this message but like I said typing is currently extremely hard let alone picking up my felt tip pens for a good drawing session. To be honest I can barely see the difference in colours between each pen at the moment as I am currently inhabiting a world of black and white. Once again I really will try to explain what has happened properly next week and in the meantime I really appreciate your support and patience. Please do not give up on my blog. I will try to be better at it in the near future. I love you all very dearly. 

Take care everyone x