May Loneliness Tea Party

It is time to put your feet up and get those kettles on. The May Loneliness Tea Party has arrived…

6 thoughts on “May Loneliness Tea Party

      • It’s a pleasure to watch your videos, and I am so sorry you battle with your mental health. I think you have a gift of comedy and I look forward to your tea parties, they are really entertaining. I am trying to think of a present you can get your dad but can’t think of anything at the moment.

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      • Aww that is so kind of you! Thank you so much, that made my day. You may not be able to think of a present for my Dad but that comment was quite the present for me 😀 Maybe I will just tell him a joke and tell him that according to lovely people on the internet I have the “gift of comedy” so a life’s supply of jokes is his present 😛 xxx

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  1. I love hearing British people talk! I’m in the U.S. Reminds me of the several summers I worked at a summer camp with a lot of British people.
    I do wish you would post more about your personal recovery and how that’s going and all. More of your “story” so to speak. Treatment in the U.S. is so different from U.K.

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    • Hehe! I always forget that I sound British or like I have an accent to people from other countries! Makes me feel very exotic! Also thank you for the feedback! I always worry about making my blog “too personal” incase it bores people for not being universally relatable so that is really helpful! If there are particular differences or questions about UK vs US treatment please let me know! xx


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