7 thoughts on “January Loneliness Tea Party

    • That is weird! Don’t get me wrong she is a brilliant story teller with genius plots (at least in the one I read), she is just a bit too good at being terrifying! Which one did you get? Didn’t see the adaption because I wanted to read the book first and now I have read the book I don’t think I dare! xx


      • I’ve wanted to read some Agatha Christie for ages, but I don’t know anything about them, so I just picked one at random – Dead Man’s Folly. It’ll take me a while to read it because I don’t have much concentration at the moment, but so far I’m enjoying it! Definitely watch the BBC version, I remember being a bit creeped out by it, but it’s not too scary (and I’m a complete wimp!) Are you enjoying Girl on the train so far?? x


      • Funnily enough since editing and uploading this I have finished Girl On the Train! Went in thinking I wouldn’t like it very much because there was so much hype and don’t generally get on well with best sellers but I am shocked to say that I actually really liked it! Will definitely pick up Paula Hawkins’ next novel when it is out in paperback! x


  1. LOVELY to see you (as always!)
    You are so funny! I couldn’t have put it better myself re New Year and Robbie!
    Reading… I’m reading Kate Atkinson, Started Early and Took My Dog. I’m halfway through and bored…!
    Sending you huge love Katie! Congratulations on another stroke of genius!


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    • Aww it is so lovely to hear from you especially with such kind a comment as that! Thank you so much sweet! Am guessing that Kate Atkinson book should not go on my “to read” pile then! I have just started East of Eden! It is hard! Sending so much love and please know I am always here to support you if you need it. Hope you are ok xxxx

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      • I didn’t get more than halfway thru East of Eden and I LOVE Steinbeck so… good luck with that! Mind you, I don’t know many others who’ve persevered and got to the last few exciting (the ONLY exciting) chapters of Moby Dick!!
        I’m ok… ish. Hard going just keeping going but you know how THAT story goes!
        Lots of love

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