The Loneliness Tea Party Christmas Edition

Remember last month when I asked you all to join me for a cup of tea every few weeks in the interests of battling loneliness with mental health problems? Well get your hot beverage because the Christmas party is about to start and you are all invited! YAY FOR NOT BEING ALONE!

Take care everyone x


4 thoughts on “The Loneliness Tea Party Christmas Edition

  1. Lol Katie, that football thing is supposed to be a joke/riddle although I guess it is also a fact.

    No idea on the charade, sorry!

    Totally with you on the love for Elf! But I LOVE It’s a Wonderful Life! I understand your point about suicide and it not erasing all the good you’ve done previously, but the man in the film isn’t suicidal, he actually says ‘I wish I’d never been born’, in which case all the good he had done previously would have been erased. I think the message is less about suicide and more about the idea that no matter how bad things may seem, everyone’s life is valuable and has purpose.

    I love your tsum tsum! Instead of buying myself an object, I treated myself to a gel manicure so my nails are now gold and sparkly with penguins on them 🙂

    I would definitely be up for doing a live tea party. Unfortunately weekdays are pretty busy for me, but I could do weekends.

    Hope your Christmas has been as good as possible xxx

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    • YOU HAVE GOLD SPARKLY NAILS WITH PENGUINS ON THEM?? I think that is quite possibly the best present I have heard anyone buying themselves over the course of this challenge. CONGRATULATIONS!
      Also with regards to Its a wonderful life you make a fair point…maybe I will give it another go…next year…
      Hope you also had as good as possible a Christmas. Happy Boxing day and lots of love xxxxxx


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