Born Without Marbles Is Now On YouTube!

What is this? A born without marbles post on a Friday? What is going on? I thought they only came on Mondays? Someone contact the BBC and get Fiona Bruce to report this (actually don’t bother. I already contacted them. They weren’t interested). No, this is not actually the usual Monday blog post, it is in fact an announcement to let you all know that Born Without Marbles is now not just on my website…IT IS NOW ON YOUTUBE AS WELL! Are you thrilled? Now you can hear me waffle as well as read about it every Monday! Bless this happy happy day! Anyway, this is just to let everyone know that the channel is there so feel free to take a gander and subscribe if you fancy (and by if you fancy I mean please subscribe even if you don’t fancy. Trust me, All the cool kids are doing it so it must be a good idea). I won’t post on here every time I upload a video (unless that wouldn’t be annoying/you wouldn’t mind), so be sure to check on the Youtubes for my face whenever you can.

Hope you are all having a marvellous day, take care everyone x


4 thoughts on “Born Without Marbles Is Now On YouTube!

  1. You’re so freaking cute! I enjoyed watching (and I don’t usually watch YouTube videos because I prefer to read blogs, for whatever reason). Cool idea. After my sister died a little bit ago, I lost my ability to read. Like, I’d look at the words and nothing made sense. So I totally get what you’re saying about that. Looking forward to more from you! (Also, how did I not realize that you only posted blogs on Mondays?)

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    • Hehe thanks lovely, was so worried about uploading this incase people thought I had a funny voice lol. Hope these videos can help make you feel a little less alone on those non reading days. Sending love xxx (p.s to be fair it is harder for you to realise that my posts are every Monday because there is a time zone difference so you are very much forgiven) xxx


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